What to post in January 2022

Continuously coming up with ideas on what to post in your Facebook group can be challenging.

It’s one of the reasons Suggested Posts in FLP.Social are so popular. If you’d like to add more personality to your content and get more involved in your group, adding your own posts are a great way to increase engagement. We’ve put together 31 ideas to give you inspiration for extra posts for every day of January. What to post in January 2022

1. Wish your followers a Happy New Year.

2. Reintroduce yourself and why you love Forever Living Products.

3. Find out about the New Year’s Resolutions of your group members.

4. Most people go back to work today. Ask them how it went.

5. Take a selfie of you with your favourite Forever Aloe Vera Gel and post about why you love it.

6. Share a recipe using Forever Ulta Lite

7. Happy Friday post – we made it through the first week!

8. Post a motivational quote – not sure what to post? Go on Pinterest and look for ideas.

9. Selfcare Sunday – post about what you’re doing to look after yourself today.

10. Do a product teaser.

11. Ask your group to invite new members and thank them for doing it.

12. Post the group to post the last picture they took of their pet – #WoofWednesday

13. Go live and do a demo.

14. Share a photo that you took of your garden and ask your group to do the same.

15. Ask how those New Year’s Resolutions going – try to find out who has the staying power. From the responses from the 3rd January you could even tag people in your post.

16. Play a game – Using the first letter of your name tell me something that makes you happy.

17. It’s Blue Monday – #BlueMonday – the most depressing day of the year. Post a photo that makes you smile to cheer up your followers.

18. Ask your customers to share photos of their favourite products with a post about why they love it.

19. Remind your customers that you’re placing an order tonight.

20.  Ask your group members to share what their favourite book is and why they love it.

21. Everyone loves desserts – ask you group which is their favourite dessert. Get them to post a GIF in the comments.

22. Ask your group members what they are doing this weekend.

23. Do a free giveaway.

24. Do a box opening Live video of your order to show what other customers have ordered.

25. If your battery percentage was your age, how old would you be right now?

26. Snap a close-up of a product and get your customers to guess which one it is.

27. Ask your customers – If they could have a super power what would it be?

28. Ask if anyone has already organised something for Valentine’s Day – subtle reminder that you are available to take orders. 😜

29. Ask your group to comment with their favourite song. Create a playlist and share it.

30. Last Orders – Ask if anyone wants to put in an order so that you can gather in those final orders for the month.

31. We made it through January! 🎉 Hands up if you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions.

What do you think of our ideas? Got any of your own to add? Posting in your group regularly (and not just about the products) is a fantastic way to engage with your customers and get to know them better. The more they interact and enjoy being part of your group the more likely they are to invite their friends to it which in turn helps to grow your business.

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