How to grow a Facebook group

Nearly everyone who works in network marketing has a Facebook Group. They are a great place to invite your customers to so that you can introduce them to you and your products. If you haven’t set one up yet, or if you want some tips on how to grow your group further keep reading.

Facebook Groups – the basicsHow to grow a Facebook group

Facebook Groups are a online space where people with similar interests can come together to post and share content about their chosen subject. They can either be private or public, visible or hidden. You can easily set up a Facebook group and if you haven’t done it yet here’s the instructions on how to do it.

Targeting your Facebook Group

If you’re setting up a challenge for fitness or weight loss I’d recommend having a private hidden group. That way you can invite the people that are in the challenge to it.

If your group is for general advertising of Forever Living Products, I’d have a public group and then it is your choice if you have it public or private. I prefer a private group but that’s my preference.

While it can be tempting to instantly start up several groups, all specifically tailored to all of your audience’s different interests but running a Facebook Group successfully can take a lot of work to master. I’d recommend creating one group to begin with and then, once you’ve mastered the art of running the group successfully, branch off with niches later on.

Six top tips for growing your Facebook group

There’s a lot that goes into running and growing a productive Facebook Group, and usually it’s something that requires (at least to start with) quite a bit of cultivation and maintenance to really get it off the ground. But don’t worry! I’ve got a list of easy tips and ideas that you can do to help supercharge your Forever Living group to new levels:

1 Have a great looking banner – First impressions count, so let the first impression that your audience has of your Facebook Group be a legitimate and professional group that’s run by someone who knows their stuff. Oh, and an extra tip! Change your banner regularly for extra engagement, it’s a great space for special promotions or to celebrate holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

2 Invite everyone! – When you’re first setting up your Facebook Group invite everyone you know to join, any age, male or female. Then on the first of each month be sure to log how many members you have; this will give you some pretty comprehensive stats about who your audience are and will help you when it comes to tailoring content for them later on.

3 Post Regularly – Yes, I’m aware that this might sound obvious. But when you’re running a business, the social media side of things – no matter how useful it repeatably proves itself to be! – can often get left by the wayside. People don’t want to be a part of an abandoned Facebook Group, keeping your posts consistent and regular is the best way to keep your audience engaged and interested.
Don’t forget to log into FLP.Social and use Suggested Posts to help with the foundations of content for your social media accounts.

4 Ask your friends and family to invite people they know to your group – Sure, it can be a little awkward asking your friends and family for help, but they are your most trusted fans and should support you in your venture. The easiest way to grow a Facebook Group is by making sure as many people know about it as possible! Plus, if they’re anything like you they might LOVE your products as much as you, and could end up becoming your best customers!

5 Interact with your group members – Again I know it may sound obvious, but it can be too easy for your Facebook Group to feel like a place where you are simply making announcements, advertising your products and looking for engagement. Don’t forget to engage back! Make your group members feel as though they are part of a community by rewarding them for referring new members, Put them into a draw with a thank you gift, reply to their comments and welcome new members weekly (don’t worry, there’s a tool to do this under Members in your group).

6 Take advantage of your platform – Facebook Groups have loads of incredible features at your disposal, USE THEM! Schedule and invite group members to Facebook Lives where you can show off products, do live demonstrations or even share recipes or tutorials. Your customers will love this and will appreciate your efforts.

Don’t just sell

The key to a successful Facebook Group is understanding and striking the balance between engaging posts and advertising. There are so many fun and engaging types of content that you can post in your group that will keep members sticking around and even encourage new members to join.

Funny posts – Do you have a group full of fitness lovers? Make or find some jokes about that! There’s tons of ideas on Pinterest to get you going and you could use the Image Creator inside FLP.Social to make your own!

Engaging questions – Tea or coffee? Nights out or nights in? Ketchup or BBQ? People LOVE questions that are related to all sorts of things because everyone’s got an opinion. And, if you can tailor them to your business (for example: Burpees or Mountain Climbers?) even better! They’re a guaranteed way to get people talking.

Free Giveaways – One thing people love above all else is free stuff. This is a great way to get your existing group members to introduce new people to the group, by telling them they could win a giveaway prize for sharing the group or tagging their friends. Just be careful to follow the rules Facebook have set.

Post a selfie – Let your group members know you’re human, the aim of any Facebook Group is to create a thriving and active community with yourself at the centre of it all… that isn’t going to happen if your group members don’t know who you are! Don’t be afraid to post pictures of yourself enjoying the products you’re aiming to sell. It’s called Attraction Marketing and we’ll cover that in a future blog.

Time to get started

Every good Forever Business Owner could benefit from running a Facebook Group. In short, they’re a place to establish repeat business and create a community of people just as interested in your business as you are.

And now you have some Facebook Group tips at your disposal there’s no reason your business can’t thrive and grow from having one too! Set out on the next step of your Forever Living journey and set up your Facebook Group today.



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